What’s the Deal with Weight Loss Supplements?

weight loss supplementsWhen people hear about weight loss supplements, they think about pills and whatnot to speed up their trimming down. I tend to disagree about these terms as they seem more than a bit contrived as well as completely unimaginative. I think that it’s a little spoiled to have that kind of mentality.

The word “supplement” by itself means something that enhances a particular object or experience—it does not automatically mean medicated edibles. So think about it, what can support your weight loss program? What can make the trimming down perhaps more personalized and fun?

For one thing, friends can make the ride go faster. But the thing about this is, yes, you can have a support group for your endeavor but there is a tendency to talk shop all day long. I mean, are you really going to talk about your diet all day—how boring.

So I would say, perhaps one of the best weight loss supplements are level-headed friends who don’t take themselves too seriously. This way, it doesn’t all become about the program, there’s still some semblance of a sane life. After all, there is a world outside your weight loss agenda.

Weight loss supplements can also be in the form of tasty whole foods as opposed to tasteless no calorie abominations. Zero calories, really, are you kidding me? When I see food products like this, I literally cringe and anticipate an unhappy time in my mouth all the way down to my stomach.

Yes, losing pounds is great but giving up on real and delicious food negates all of that because food is unarguably one of the best experiences that anyone in life can have. I’ve never seen much of a point in being thin when all you could ever eat is a saltine that could use a little bit more salt. Calories are a measurement of energy, energy is the ability to do work—it’s not all that bad.

Weight loss supplements can also mean having quality rest. Much of the trimming down that takes place is when your body is at rest after a good work out. It repairs itself—why would you cut off something that is essential to your body?

weight loss supplementsWhich is really just another variation of the question about food right? Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the best complement to being healthy is the quality equipment to go with it. It’s very rarely about pills that promise you everything but in reality, just fall short.

I’m not saying weight loss products don’t work—they do, of course, I can’t dispute that. But there’s also a great catch to them, sometimes even to the point of being detrimental to one’s goal. They can only work well when taken in a certain way, and that way isn’t always healthy.

The best weight loss supplements are ideally, the best supplements to have a fantastic life as well. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. And it shouldn’t take an article to convince you of that either.

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