The Danger Side of Weight Loss Tablets

Weight Loss TabletsWeight loss tablets are one of the effortless ways to minimize the figure size and look good without going under the knife or doing strenuous exercise programs. These quick weight loss pills are thought be very effective in melting down fats and bad cholesterols that accumulate in the body. Some manufacturers proclaim that they produce the fastest weight loss pills that are guaranteed to have a result in as short as seven days.

But wait. Not all pills should be taken in even though they are considered to be non-prescription drugs or those that does not need a doctor’s prescription. Some of these medicines may have unwanted effects in the body that you should know about.

Weight loss tablets is just a generic term and the form may come as tablets, capsules and even in powder which can be readily mixed into your drinks and meals. Some pills are designed to remove excess fatty deposits in the body as already mentioned while some are appetite suppressants. There are also laxative types of weight loss pills while some may contain addictive substances.

Some of the dangers that come with weight loss tablets are gastrointestinal side effects, palpitation, overstimulation, headaches and dizziness. There are also diet pills that may cause constipation and hypertension. Other ill-effects found are anorexia, back or abdominal pain and facial acne.

The laxatives in weight loss tablets induce the large bowel to empty. As such, there are some cases that the person loses weight more of being mindful on the food intake to prevent the feeling of being squeezed. The danger side is that frequent than normal bowel movement may cause the body to lose fluids which can lead to dehydration.

Because some weight loss pills have addictive substances, it is not uncommon that there are people who fall into mistakes such as over dosage. There are also times that since significant progress are maybe observed during the period of weight loss medicine intake, the user is prompted to take in more to see an increase in the effect. These scenarios can be very dangerous since too much of a something is always bad and popping in pills is no exception to that.

weight loss tabsDo weight loss tablets work? Yes and No. When these pills are taken in under the direct supervision of your physician, then the results are maybe guaranteed but only on the short term basis since the body adjust accordingly such that the initial benefits may wear off when body has grown accustomed to the pills.

When is the correct time to take quick weight loss pills? These medicines are generally recommended for those who are suffering from obesity such as the body mass index is greater than 35. The body mass index is the ratio of the height against the weight.

If you are advised to take diet pills, there are at least two important precautions that you need to know. One, take the medicines as directed and at the proper intervals on your prescription. Second, monitor your progress by charting the daily findings or by recording any of the side effects that you see.

Weight loss tablets are not the only way to lose the unwanted weight or to restrict one from overindulgence. These pills should be used only upon doctor’s advice and must be taken in with other supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Coupled with a proper weight loss program, the effectiveness will not only for the short term but will be sustained for a much longer period.

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