How to Lose Weight Naturally

lose weight naturallyIn the age of the internet, I’m not sure what else to tell people who want to lose weight. Everything you could possibly want to know on how to lose weight naturally or otherwise is right at your fingertips. But I do have some ideas that are still worth repeating over and over.

For one thing, I believe that the only way to really lose weight naturally is to live a healthy life. We all know the drill—eat well, be active and do things in complete moderation. Everything else is just noise that alludes to these three things.

You will also probably never lose as much weight as you think you need to. Genetically speaking, if your parents are not naturally thin—there’s a fair chance that you’re not either. Realistically speaking, chances are you have unreal expectations as well.

To lose weight naturally doesn’t necessarily mean that all the “losing” has to be physical. In my opinion, people carry around so much more than they need to on a day to day basis. What exactly do I mean?

Well, I’ll give you one example. Think about how much you’re holding back because of the weight you can’t seem to shake off—you are constantly putting your life on hold for an ideal weight that might never happen. You keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll take a vacation when I lose ten pounds.”

It’s heavy to carry around that precondition. You are restricting yourself from having fun simply because it is easier than accepting that you are built a certain way and to be okay with that. Thinking like that definitely weighs you down.

lose weight naturallySo here’s a new idea on how to lose weight naturally: along with eating right and exercising, exercise your right to live life no matter what shape you are. Be free from self-appointed deadlines and reward yourself for realizing that your body can do so much. Recognize that it’s not just your mass that needs to be lighter, your spirit needs alleviating too.

To me, what you see in the mirror is never purely a single sensorial experience—the way you feel about yourself matters too. It’s time to stop looking at the parts you hate and realizing that these parts are worth so much more than just a weighing scale number. This is you.

Allow yourself to see and not be overtly-critical. Know that being healthy is way more important than fitting into a size zero. Focus on the imprint that you leave behind rather than wondering if the prints on your shirt make you look fat.

To lose weight naturally is to not be weighed down with unnecessary negativity towards yourself and your choices. I feel that so much of the culture of losing weight is focused on tangible results when what we really should be asking ourselves is “Why am I holding on to this weight?” When we can answer that question truly, we can perhaps begin the process of letting it truly go.

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