Acknowledging the Mind Body Spirit Connection

mind body spirit connectionThough often scoffed at, the mind body spirit connection is a very real link. The psychosomatic facet very often affects the physical boundaries of a person’s being. Thus, emotional and mental stress can often affect a person quite like nothing else.

For example, a girl who has gone through sexual abuse can sometimes resort to gaining an extraordinary amount of weight. Though she might not know it, she is treating the weight as a stronghold —a layer of physical protection so to speak. Indeed, the mind body spirit connection works in ways in which we have no forethought of.

Another example is people who resort to self harm. Often, we think that cutting is a cry for help, a means for attention. But consider this—the only people in the world who do this are often the sad and lonely; they match their outsides to their insides.

Take personal stress into account, it can often lead to minor sicknesses like a cold, or a fever. When a person’s mind is taking a beating, his body usually takes the rap for it. For some reason, the mind body spirit connection is very rarely at odds with one another—even if we (at a conscious level) constantly are.

But this connection is not always a bad thing. Think about happy, pregnant women who have a certain glow about them—the happiness from within radiates into something that even other people can recognize and see. When the spirit is placated, the body is also rewarded.

Another positive example comes in the form of love. Notice how people in the throes of a new love are always looking fresh and perpetually exultant, how noticeably better they look. Funny how other people can see something only, yourself, can feel.

mind body spirit connection-How this piece of information counts as a vote in your favour, you might be thinking. Well, now that you know how this relationship works, it’ll be easier to distinguish whether or not your health concerns extend to the psychosomatic aspect. I’m not saying that it always does, but if you have a long-standing headache that not physician could diagnose, maybe it’s time to look at the problem from another vantage point.

Learn to listen to yourself. We are trained from early childhood to deal with traumas and struggles privately, and as a result, we mistake burying it deep into the subconscious as dealing with it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

By simply trying to forget, we are not dealing with it—we are just compounding the issue (after all, the worst demons are the ones you cannot talk about). The mind body spirit connection bids us to listen well and confront ourselves. The ills of the body may just be manifestations of grief.

The mind body spirit connection is a magnificent thing. It is all the things you ignore that must be resolved. It can alert you to issues that you may not even be aware of, if only you would take the time to pay attention.

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